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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Take the Earth Day Challenge with Washington Wild!

Earth Month is here and it’s time to celebrate! Join Washington Wild’s celebration by participating in the EarthShare Earth Day Challenge!

Washington's wild forests have stood untouched for hundreds of years and as our population continues to increase and climate change threats appear on the horizon, we must work to permanently protect the intact forests and watersheds that remain. Washington Wild has led state-wide efforts to develop Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River designation campaigns, the strongest protections available for federal lands and waters. Since our founding in 1979, the organization has helped to protect nearly three million acres of Wilderness in Washington State, including the designation of Wild Sky Wilderness and, most recently, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions.

Earth Day provides an opportunity for Washington Wild and the conservation community to celebrate and provide support for our wild places that not only provide world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, but also clean our water, purify our air and provide critical habitat for wildlife such as salmon, grizzly bears and lynx.

Washington Wild is a member of EarthShare Washington, which represents a variety of conservation groups working together to make our planet and communities better, cleaner, and greener. To recognize Earth Day they're challenging companies, schools, community groups and individuals to support the environmental community in Washington State. Washington Wild is excited to take part in The Earth Day Challenge and encourages you to take the challenge as well!

3 Ways to Take the Earth Day Challenge and Make a Difference:

1) Do ONE thing to reduce your impact on the environment. Our Communications and Development Director has reduced her impact by biking to work at least once a week for the month of April.

2) Help Washington Wild raise $1,000 for the Earth Day Challenge! Support Washington Wild's Earth Day Team

3) Volunteer! There are tons of awesome volunteer opportunities this month: Volunteer Opportunities

Our wild lands are a legacy that we must pass on to future generations and Washington Wild works hard to ensure we do so. Earth Day is a great reminder to all of us to take charge and challenge ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment and protect our wild spaces and places, whether through a small lifestyle change or supporting the conservation organizations working hard in our state. We hope you will join us this year for the Earth Day Challenge!