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Friday, May 10, 2013

Brewsheds and Seattle Beer Week

I spent the better part of this glorious Friday afternoon touring Seattle.  Specifically, I visited a sampling of Seattle's best pubs and breweries to meet with the owner's about BREWSHEDS!  
Rest assured, Washington Wild is not hanging up its conservation hat in order to enter the brewery promotion business; we remain staunchly committed to protecting Washington's wild lands and waters through Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River designations.  Our Brewsheds project, however, is a simple and logical way help Seattle's faithful craft beer drinkers connect with our watershed protection work. 
Watersheds are Brewsheds. Most of the delicious craft beer that we enjoy in these parts is made all the tastier by the water that wets it.  This water comes from the Cedar River Watershed, the Skagit River, from springs around Snoqualmie, from Icicle Creek... the list is long, varied, and depends entirely on geography. 

So while you're out enjoying Seattle Beer Week (May 9th-19), see if you can spot some of Washington Wild's Brewshed fliers around town. Talk with your friends about Brewsheds.  Talk with the local and regional brewers who'll be converging on Seattle to share their products, and tell them why watershed health matters for their businesses.  Talk with your families or total strangers!  Help us spread the Brewshed word.

Washington Wild's Brewshed project is small, but growing quickly - because it's a simple and logical way to connect something many love (local craft beer) to something that typically exists somewhere in the cluttered junk drawers of many minds (watershed health).  We are grateful to the business that enthusiastically support our Brewshed project, and we look forward to growing our Brewshed network of brewers and breweries in the future.  

Have a phenomenal weekend, and don't forget to talk about Brewsheds! 

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