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Friday, April 5, 2013

April 7th is National Beer Day! Celebrate your Brewshed!

What is National Beer Day? 
People have been brewing and drinking beer since they began cultivating grains 8,000 years ago, and beer has been an important part of human culture ever since.  Currently, beer is the third most popular beverage in the world, behind water and tea.  This is a beverage that deserves its own holiday.

April 7th was chosen as National Beer Day because on that day in 1933 President Roosevelt took the first step towards ending prohibition by signing a law that per mitted people to brew and sell beer below 4.0% alcohol by volume.  Prior to this date, Americans had been prohibited to sell or purchase alcohol for 13 years!  (source: 

Why is Washington Wild excited about National Beer Day? 
National Beer Day is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to Washington Wild’s Brewshed project! 

What is a Brewshed?  
A Brewshed is the link between clean healthy watersheds and superior local beers, because clean water makes better beer.  Watersheds are Brewsheds!

 At Washington Wild, we work to permanently protect Washington’s wild river systems and the lands they flow through, many of which supply drinking water to Washington communities and provide the water to create our delicious local beers.  Through Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River designations, our goal is to permanently protect and restore wild lands and waters in Washington State. 

Washington Wild is leading the Brewshed movement in Washington, working with local breweries that care about protecting the source of clean cold water they use. In a recent Washington News Service story around National Beer Day, two members of our Brewshed project carried forward this message:

Pam Brulotte, co-owner of the Icicle Brewing Company in Leavenworth, says she and her husband picked their location specifically to use water from the Icicle River.  "For us, it was just super-important to highlight that in our brewery, that we do have really amazing water,” she says. “But we want to keep it that way, and keep it clean and pure. And Brewshed, as far as protecting these waters, just lines up with our philosophy." 

Kevin Klein, Brewmaster at NW Peaks Brewery in Seattle, says the water has to taste good right out of the tap. He confirms that its characteristics affect beer quality and flavor, and thinks Pacific Northwest brewers have a big advantage when it comes to water quality.  "I know in other areas of the country, I can taste the water from the tap and I just do not like how it tastes,” he says. “And you can tell that it's kind of musty, dirty, chlorinated or kind of salty, and just not appealing." 

How does one celebrate a Brewshed?
Washington Wild is working with local breweries to draw attention to the fact that delicious beer relies upon healthy watersheds.   We plan to host regularly scheduled Brewshed Happy Hours at participating breweries.  A Brewshed Happy Hour is a time for conservation-minded craft beer-lovers to gather in honor of healthy watersheds and local microbrews, all while supporting local breweries!

Brewers and breweries who join the project pledge to: 
  • Know the source of the water that wets their beer 
  • Support the notion of “wild waters” 
  • Host 1-2 happy hour events with Washington Wild each year to help Washington Wild promote wild waters conservation 
April’s Brewshed Happy Hour 
On Saturday April 20th we will be gathering at SnoqualmieBrewery (8032 Falls Ave. S.E., Snoqualmie, WA) at 3:30pm to cap off a fantastic volunteer event at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center.  Snoqualmie Brewery is all-ages friendly, so children, teens, and young adults are welcome.

There’s more!  Become a Brewshed Ambassador! 
As a Brewshed Ambassador, you are an authorized representative of Washington Wild’s Brewshed project. 

Ambassadors are needed to help Washington Wild staff communicate the purpose of the Brewshed project to a broader audience, which may include owners and staff at local breweries and members of Seattle’s tremendous beer-loving community.

We may ask you to join us for: a meeting with a new brewery, a Brewshed happy hour event, and for special tasting and charitable events (we held one of these at Chuck’s Hop Shop in January – it was fantastic).

In a nutshell, a Brewshed Ambassador talks with people about the Brewshed project while enjoying local microbrews. Not a bad volunteer opportunity, eh? 

How do you become a Brewshed Ambassador? 
Attend the Brewshed Ambassador training! 
  • Thursday April 11th at 6:30pm at NW Peaks Brewery in Ballard (4912 17th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107) **Must be at least 21 years-old for this event**

  Contact Christine Scheele via email (Christine[at] 
or phone (206-633-1992)if you would like to learn more and/or
 attend the Brewshed Ambassador training.

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  1. Love it!
    NW Peaks is also donating one dollar for each pint sold on Thursdays in April to support Washington Wild's efforts to conserve our brewsheds!