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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Long, Terra!

Goodbye to Washington Wilderness Coalition and to all of the wilderness blog followers!

As the summer comes to an end, so does my summer internship with WWC. As the conservation outreach intern, I had the privilege of going to some of the events around Washington to talk with people about WWC and the work they do in Washington. The U-District farmer’s markets, NW SolarFest, Strawberry Festival, Dave Matthews Band Caravan at the Gorge, and Tilth Harvest Festival were just a few of the events I worked this summer. At these events, I met a wide variety of people and I was able to spark up some interesting conversations with many of them about Wilderness, land preservation, and protecting the environment.

At my first event, Strawberry Festival, I was unsure, quiet, and hardly knew how to answer many of the questions people would ask me. But as the weeks passed and I continued to work with and talk to the awesome WWC employees, my understanding of WWC’s work became clear. Now, I can easily discuss Wild Olympics, WWC’s work in Wild Sky, Wilderness designations, and the Eastern Washington forest plan. Our trivia night at the College Inn Pub attracted more than 50 trivia fans and environmental enthusiasts, and now we are full of obscure facts about Washington wilderness. For example, do you know which president passed the Wilderness Act in 1964? Answer: Lynden B. Johnson.

Writing for the Washington Wilderness Coalition blog let me continue to develop my writing skills throughout the summer, while learning about some serious environmental issues. I had no idea legislation like the McCarthy or Bishop bills even existed, or that such extreme anti-environmental laws like that could even be considered. It really opened my eyes to the important work that groups like WWC do to keep our wild lands secure. This internship was a wonderful opportunity to experience environmental activism both in the office and outside with the community, and I hope to work with Washington Wilderness Coalition again in the future. Thank you for everything to Kim, my boss, who paid me in cupcakes!

Terra Miller-Cassman was WWC's exemplary conservation outreach intern this summer. She has done a wonderful job of expanding WWC's outreach efforts throughout western Washington, and will be going on to complete her senior year in UW's environmental studies program. We sincerely appreciate all of her hard work (and tolerance of Kim's bad jokes) and wish her all the best!

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