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Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy Week for Roadless, Thank Activists

Posted by: Michael Lanthier

Last week was a busy week focused on the Roadless Rule. To continue to apply pressure on the Obama administration to follow through on its promises to re-enforce national protections for the 58.5 million acres of roadless forest, activists from across the country spoke out. Colorado was taking comments on its state proposal and about 200,000 comments were generated in time for the Oct 3rd deadline expressing the desire for a national rule to protect the all roadless areas.

Many comments came from Washington Wilderness’ activists who understand that protections for our roadless areas here in Washington State are only as strong as the national roadless rule. Activists continue to encourage WA Senator Maria Cantwell, a leader on roadless protections, to advocate that the Obama administration take action.

Additionally, on Thursday, October 1st, Senator Cantwell and WA Representative Jay Inslee introduced legislation to guarantee roadless protections through congress. Find out more on the Roadless Rule and/or send a quick thank you to Inslee and Cantwell for their leadership (be sure to include great roadless places that you have been to and would like to see protected).

Thanks again to all the support from Washington Wilderness activists, including the over 200 WA elected officials and more than 170 stakeholders!

Photo by Gordon Campbell

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